The sequel to Gods of Egypt - Genesis is finally here. 

Hell is coming, and it’s headed straight for Jared.
Jared has fulfilled his destiny and become Miel—the Angel of Balance, created by God to keep his covenant holy. Despite Jared’s transformation, the scales in this otherworldly battle are far from balanced.
All has come undone.
Yikan, the immortal, continues to seek godhood and with it, dominion over all the earth. This time, Yikan has in his possession the mystical, golden tome. More importantly, he has Jared’s friend, Chris, to use as bait. Conspiring with the demon, Astaroth, Yikan sets a devious trap.
The demons are rising. The immortal foe is ready to strike.   

Can Jared find his true celestial strength, as the Angel of Balance, and save the earth? Or will he succumb to the machinations of those who want him dead, giving in to temptation and deceit, and dooming every last, innocent soul?

Discover how the story began in Gods of Egypt - Genesis - 
The Gods Saga 1

This book defies labels and boxes and is refreshingly UNLIKE any I've read in years. Not simply fantasy... not simply historical-based fiction... it takes you on the wildest of journeys through time and space, and will keep you riveted. Smart-Powell twists theology and mythology in new and inventive (and frighteningly plausible) ways and grounds his larger than life characters with believable, genuine emotion. The imagery and sensory descriptions will leave you breathless. I simply had to keep reading... couldn't put it down. - Hotpants - Amazon Review

"This is the best book I've read in a while I like the use of fact and fiction, great book I couldn't put it down" - Smoke Amazon review of Gods of Egypt

I absolutely loved this book! It's captivating and enlightening. This book is about a journey that begins in the American Deep South and concerns the goodness and survival of mankind through Egyptian mythology. The best I've read this summer. DO NOT MISS OUT !!! - Zeitgeist - Amazon Review

All I can say is please read this book ! It is everything and more even my husband fell in love with the book. Now we're both waiting for part 2 - Ms. Thing - Amazon Review

This book was UNBELIEVABLE. I literally read the entire thing front to back in one weekend. Can't wait for the next one to come out! - Amazon Customer Review

More books like this are needed. It was nice reading a fantasy novel where the main characters are all black. I was captivated from the beginning. Two thumbs up. Carla Jackson-Hercules - Amazon Review

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"Wow! This was a page-turner that had me hooked from the beginning. An Excellent book for a book club." - Sarah - Amazon Review of Folsom on Fire.

Folsom on Fire
An Epic Novel!
"I read this book on a friend's recommendation and was so impressed! writing is vivid as the reader can imagine being transported to another time and place. I highly recommend this book. It is a good book club read as it has much to talk about but it would also make a great movie!!" - Claudia Webb - Amazon Review 

"I absolutely loved this book! DO NOT MISS OUT !!!" - Timothy Armstrong - Goodreads Review

My book club just finished reading this book. More than half of the members rated it 10 out of 10! I don't think that has ever happened. The book is a real page turner filled with love stories, the fight for equality and southern history. The character development in this novel is superb! By the end of the book, Mary, Lar and Paul feel like old friends. Orlando is a truly talented author and I look forward to reading his next book! - Rachel MacMillian - Amazon Review

 "Absolutely superb novel by a very talented writer. Characters so gripping with many hidden layers of emotions revealed as the story progresses, I wish I could write this good. Gripping with flowing detail."
Goodreads Review

"This is truly a book for our times... it explores the intersection of race, sexuality, gender, socio-economic status and--above all--the ways in which the political status quo exploits our differences (in the most base way) in order to maintain power and control. This book is sobering, frightening and yet... strangely beautiful and hopeful. I wish I could make every single voter, Republican and Democrat, read it before the next election. It's powerful. Moving. And gripping from the very first page." Hotpants Amazon Review of American Messiah


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"The best book I've read in ten years. Don't miss out!" - Zeitgeist, Review

"I absolutely loved reading this book! Everyone should go out and read this, because it is a beautiful story." Kritika - Goodreads Review

"After picking up this book, I couldn't put it down." Tina - Goodreads Review

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Gods of Egypt
Gods of Egypt - Amazon - Kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DHCNMA8/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmbGods of Egypt - Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/326839With a Balance of good and e...

With a Balance of good and evil, man may choose his own path freely - that is the Covenant agreed to by God and Lucifer himself.
But the Balance has been undone!
Shazadeh, a demoness of unspeakable power and enchanting beauty has tilted the scales in Hell’s favor. With the balance undone, she seeks to anoint herself goddess of the earth. And the earth, her prize, she shall have if she can find and kill the one child who has been prophesized to become her equal and bring balance back to the world.
Tamen—an immortal being—who governed Egypt as the god Horus, has been sent by the Christ himself to find the child.
The war for mankind’s souls has begun! 
A dark shadow creeps upon the earth. Mankind’s soul teeters on the brink of salvation and damnation. The demons have already prepared for war . . . and victory!
Tamen now has but two paths. Succeed . . . and save the souls of men. Fail . . . and the world falls into everlasting darkness.


Folsom on Fire

 A top #20 Amazon African-American Literature Bestseller

Folsom on Fire available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.com
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Folsom on Fire - download at CreateSpace - click on logo Folsom on Fire available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.com Folsom on Fire available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.com


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"The writing is fantastic and the story is compelling and keeps the reader wanting more. It's a difficult book to put down. Just as "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is still relevant in today's world, so is "Folsom on Fire."Amazon Review

 “Folsom on Fire was immediately compelling . . . as if it had a life of its own.   Orlando Smart-Powell has a wonderful style.  I found the whole approach to a familiar story in history quite novel . . . well written . . ..  This is fantastic!”    Esther - Critique My Novel

Amazon Reader Reviews

"Haunting and Engaging page turner!"

"Gripping Page Turner!"

"A Great Read!"

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Folsom on Fire - Trailer
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  Mary Cole may be a former slave, dark-skinned and built more like a man than a woman, but she refuses to let the whites of small-town Folsom, Mississippi, who seek vengeance for their loss in the Civil War, treat her as anything less than a human being.   Having suffered through multiple miscarriages and stillborn infants, and now pregnant again, the last thing she needs is anyone, white or Negroe to question her worth as a woman.  But Enda Sully, a mixed-race woman who the Negroes seek out in times of need, has foreseen a great evil coming to Folsom.  That evil, born from the seeds of the Ku Klux Klan, feeds on racism, sexism and homophobia, and won’t stop until its belly is sated.  No one is safe now . . . not even the child Mary is determined to bring into the world. 
   The growing evil haunting Folsom, Mississippi won’t stop there.  Paul, a white teenage boy whom Mary has raised since birth and is coming to terms with being gay amidst constant bullying, is ripe to be plucked and devoured by the malevolence creeping through the town.  Mary’s handsome preacher husband, Lar, also finds himself entangled in evil’s immoral web. 
   The match has been struck and the town of Folsom is about to descend into an firestorm of chaos. Mary has but only two choices now.  She can bow her head and submit, and lose those she loves, or she can summon unparalleled confidence and self esteem to save their lives.   As the inferno of hate feeds on the animosity between black men and white women, straights and gays, and the ongoing subjugation of women in history, only Enda Sully—be she a crazy woman or a witch—knows how it will all end.  
   Dissecting events in our present day by peeking into the window of the past, Folsom on Fire delves into the psyche of Racism, Coming out as Gay, Gender Roles, Self-Hate and Self-Love.  What would you do to remain true to who you are?  How far would you go to protect those you love?  Folsom on Fire will make you question and strengthen the unconditional love you hold for those closest to your heart.

Orlando Smart-Powell